How to display Microsoft Teams on OptiSigns

This app is to display Microsoft Teams Chat, we have other apps for Microsoft Team Meeting or Team Live event

You can display your Microsoft Teams (Chat section) on your digital signs screen with OptiSigns.



Let's jump in and get started:

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Then log on to our portal:

Go to Files/Assets, Click on "App", find and click on Microsoft Teams

Enter details for your Microsoft Teams:
  • Name: Name of your app asset, this is the name of the wall in your asset list. It will not be displayed on your screens.
  • If your site require sign in, you can expand Sign In area and enter username, password.
    • Master Password: your password is encrypted with OptiSigns, but you can add another layer of encryption with your Master Password. This way even OptiSigns cannot decrypt your password. You will need to enter this Master Password at each device to decrypt at device level. Learn more about our Zero knowledge encryption methodology here.
    • Username: your Microsoft account username
    • Password: your Microsoft account password

Click Save.


That's all!

Congratulation, you have created Microsoft Teams asset, now you can assign it to your screens, playlist, schedule like any other assets.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.


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