How to use Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Calendar with OptiSigns

This article will show you how to display Microsoft's Calendar on your big screens TVs with OptiSigns.
The app works with both Office 365 Calendar and Calendar.



 [Updated 4/24/2020 -- OptiSigns has revised the Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar app and it is now even simpler to use!]


Find and Select the Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar app within the apps list:



The following window pop-up should show.
Sign-in and authenticate the account you wish to use for Calendar sharing.


Once authenticated, you will need to enter the Calendar details:


  • Name: Name of your calendar that you wish to see it labeled as within the OptiSigns platform. This name is internal to you only.
  • Calendars:  The dropdown will show all the calendars that are within the account. These can be calendars you created or subscribed to.
  • Title: Title of the calendar, this will be displayed on your screen.
  • Display Mode: Select the view of the calendar 
    • Schedule - Linear listing of every event in succession by time and date.
    • Day - Listing the current day's event activity.
    • Week - Listing the current week's event activity
    • Month - Listing the current month's event activity

Advanced Options:


  • Only Show Ongoing and Upcoming Events: Toggle if you would like your calendar app not display past events.
  • List View: (only available if you select Schedule as Display Mode)
    • Day: Get todays events.
    • Week: Get current week's events.
    • Month: Get current month's events.
    • 7 Days: Get 7 upcoming days (including today) events.
    • 30 days: Get 30 upcoming days (including today) events.
  • Photo: Toggle this if you would like to display a photo with your Calendar. It will also activate a clock and current date to display as well.
  • Text Color: text color of the display
  • Font Size: font size of the display
  • Start of week: (only available if you select Week as Display Mode) Enables you to choose either Monday or Sunday as start of week.
  • 24 Hours Format: format time in 24h
  • Auto Scroll: By default, the calendar will focus the display of events on current local time or your set time zone time. This can be less helpful if you anticipate viewers to be able to see all event activities of your calendar. 
    Toggle the auto scroll pans the schedule so that all times are viewable.
  • Time Zone: select to use Device's time zone or your specified time zone.
  • Theme: Light and Dark Themes are available as options.
  • Show Location: Show the location of your calendar's event.
  • Event Color: If you have your own color for your events, our Outlook Calendar app is able to do it. You can also set other event colors to be displayed as on the screen.
  • Weather: Entering location information allows weather information to be overlaid on your calendar.
  • Scale: Select if you would like to see your temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Language: Change the display language for your calendar.

The app will also auto-adjust the format to a screen in portrait orientation (rotated screen):



You then can assign this newly created asset to your screens to display, or you can also use it in playlists, schedules, etc. like any other assets. If you need more information on how to set up & assign content to your screens click here.

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