Data Residency and OptiSigns

Customers on Enterprise Plan can request your data to be stored in certain country, region for data residency requirement.


By default, all customers data are stored simultaneously in:

  • N. Virginia - hosted by Amazon AWS
  • New York City - hosted by Digital Ocean

And distributed to your devices via CDN for fastest speed.


Enterprise customers can request your data to be stored in:

  • US:
    • N. Virginia (Amazon AWS)
    • New York City (Digital Ocean)
  • EU:
    • Frankfurt (Amazon AWS)
    • Amsterdam (Digital Ocean)
  • UK:
    • London (Amazon AWS)
  • Canada:
    • Montreal (Amazon AWS)
  • Australia:
    • Sydney (Amazon AWS)

Please contact or your sales rep if you are interested in pricing or would like to enable this feature on your account.


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