Synchronized playback (Sync Play) feature

With OptiSigns you can enable screens to play in-sync. This means:

  • If content published screens are the same, all screens will advance next playlist items or timed video at the same time.
  • If content published screens are different, each screens will display different content, but in-sync from the loop start.

Supported on: Android, Fire TV, Windows, Linux, MacOS, ChromeOS, Webplayer


  • When Sync Play enabled, playlists may not start from the beginning (because they are synced).
  • Devices do not need to be on the same network, nor there's any special configuration needed on devices.
  • Devices time need to be updated, and devices needs to be in the same time zone.
  • Android, Fire TV requires updates to 5.7.11 or newer.

To use Sync Play feature, just select the screens you want to enable this feature for.
Click Edit -> Advanced -> check Sync Play




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