How to manually install & activate OptiSigns AI Add-on on Linux or Raspberry Pi

OptiSigns AI Add-on is a background services running at your Linux, Raspberry Pi device to use Camera to detect & count people passing by.

If you have not tried to automatically activate this feature, please try it first by following this guide.

The add-on is ~200MB app, so it will take several minutes to download an activate on your device, so please be patient after auto-activation before you try manual activation.

If auto activation failed, then you can follow these steps to manually install & activate AI detection add onon your Linux or Raspberry Pi devices.


Before you start, please ensure that you have:

  • Your device have OptiSigns Digital Signage player version 4.2.10 or newer installed. You can download latest version here.
  • There's network connection to your device
  • You have enough authorization, privilege to install apps, background services on your device
  • optisigns-ai-detection runs on any Raspberry Pi OS, any major Linux distro such as Ubuntu.

How to manually install optisigns-ai-detection

Make sure you have a camera installed on your system.
Open Terminal.

On Raspberry Pi run:

curl -s -L | sh

On Linux run:

curl -s -L | sh

This will download a script and run installation.


After you see "Starting OptiSigns AI Detection Service ..." you are done!

You can go back to to use AI Add-on feature now.


Further technical detail for optisigns-ai-detection

The binary executable is downloaded and installed to ~/bin/optisigns-ai-detection

It will be started as a background service and will be automatically started on system start up.

This will ensure the AI detection add-on is independent from OptiSigns Digital Signage Player and still running in case the Player has issue or you need to reinstall it.

You can manually execute the optisigns-ai-detection executable:

<path>/optisigns-ai-detection [arg]
install : to install ai detection agent
remove : to remove/uninstall ai detection agent
start or restart : to start ai detection agent service
stop : to stop ai detection agent service
version or -V : to print ai detection agent version
help : to print this instructions
run : to run the ai detection agent in console or terminal or service
show or -s: show camera feed

How to remove optisigns-ai-detection:

Open Terminal and run:

~/bin/optisigns-ai-detection remove


If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.


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