How to Change Time Zone on Your Raspberry Pi device

Your schedule doesn't start or end at the same time as your schedule. The issue may be your device's time zone setting. You can check your device's setting.

In this guide, we will walk you through end to end process to change the time zone on your Raspberry Pi device.

Let's begin,

How to Change Time Zone on your Raspberry Pi device

To change the time zone on your Raspberry Pi,  go to Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Localisation > Timezone. Then select your Set Timezone.

1. Press the Start Menu 


2. Click "Preferences " in the menu


3. Select "Raspberry Pi Configuration"


4. Go to "Localisation" tap in the Raspberry Pi Configuration


5. Click "Set Timezone" in Localisation


6. Select your location area. Then click "OK"


7. Click "OK" again


Changing the time zone on your Raspberry Pi can let your screen start and end with the correct schedule. 

You're all set.

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