How to use Emergency Message/Alert App

With OptiSigns, you can use Emergency Message App to quickly push a pre-defined message to show on your screens in case of emergency. Here are the key features:

  • Pre-built emergency customizable templates for Fire, Tornado, Gas Leak, etc.
  • You can set which screens, or group of screens to be targeted (i.e. Building-1)
  • Dedicated mobile phone friendly portal: - users can login on smart phone and activate messages within seconds


Here are the high level steps to create & use Emergency Message App:

  • Create an Emergency Message app for each situation (i.e. Fire Emergency in Building-1)
  • Use a template and modify your message, or upload your own message (image, PPT, etc.)
  • Select which screen or group of screens you want to be activated when this message is activated (i.e. Building-1)
  • Test activation of the message - this will ensure the process is working, and the message is cached to your devices
  • Use on your phone to activate message when required. (You can pre-login on your phone to save some time later, pre-login session lasts for 90 days)
  • It takes 10-15s from the time you activate the message to the time the message displayed on the screen.

WARNING: active internet connection is required for emergency message to be activated on the screen (message can be pre-cached on the device, but it will still need internet to receive activation command from server). In some emergency situation, your internet connection may be impacted, so it's not recommended to use this as the sole emergency message communication in your emergency procedures. 

Let's jump in and get started:

In this example, we will set up a Fire Emergency Message for Building-1. You can repeat the same process for all your emergency messages requirements.

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Then log on to our portal:

Go to Files/Assets, Click on "App" and add Instagram on your Account.


Select Emergency Message Appmceclip2.png

Set up your Emergency Message App.
In this case, we are setting up Fire Emergency Message for Building-1.


  • Name: Name of your Emergency Message App, this is the name in your asset list and in the It will not be displayed on your screens.
    It's recommended that you name it something memorable so in case of emergency, you can easily activate the right one. In this case we name it: "Building-1 Fire Emergency Message"
  • Target: you select the screens you want to target, or screens that has certain tags. Learn more about screens tagging here.
  • Tags / Screens: select the tags, or screens you want to target when message is activated.
  • Content: Select what do you want to display when Emergency Message app is activated. You can upload your own message (images, PowerPoint, video, etc.) or select templates and select one of our templates
  • Emergency Duration: how long you want the message to be displayed on the screens. Default is 600s or 10min. You can set to 0 if you want the message to be displayed until you deactivated it manually. Once deactivated or expired, the screens will comeback to playing what it was playing before.

If you select Templates for your Content, this Editor screen will appear:


Select Landscape (or Portrait) and click Create.

Then select the templates you want to use as your Starting Point.

Edit the message to your liking. Give the design a name i.e. "Building-1 Fire Message".


Then click Save.
This will be saved as an Image in your asset library, and assigned to your Emergency Message App. 


Save your Emergency Message App. After that you will see it in your Asset library.


You can test activation by clicking the ... button on the asset and click activate.


This will push the message to the devices and cache it there.

How to activate Emergency Message:

In emergency, you should use this portal:
We recommend to bookmark this link on your smartphone, and log on to it (using your OptiSigns username/password). Log in session is saved for 90 days, and it's recommend that you try to login regularly.
Of course, you can also use this portal on your PC, laptops.

Once log in to you will see the list of Emergency Message Apps that you created. You can click Activate to activate the message.


Once click Activate, confirm that you want to activate the message.


Activated messages will be shown on top of the list to be easily identified.
It also show when the message will expire.


You can manually deactivate by clicking Deactivate.



That's all! Congratulation!

You have created your Emergency Message App, and know how to activate it in emergency situations.


If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.


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