How to use Google Drive App

With OptiSigns, you can quickly put images, videos from your Google Drive on your Digital Signs screens  by using Google Drive App. The app will create a playlist for files in your Google Drive, any changes, updates, add, remove will automatically be synced. This allow you to quickly update, share contents within your team without needing to login to OptiSigns portal. 

With the OptiSigns Google Drive app you can:

  • Connect to Google Drive and choose a folders with images, videos
  • Choose the timing, duration of your images/videos
  • Choose transition effect between your files

Let's jump in and get started:

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Then log on to our portal:

Go to Files/Assets, Click on "App" and add Instagram on your Account.


Click Google Drive app:


Sign in with Google.



And allow OptiSigns to access your Google Drive.



Select the folder you want to use:


 Enter information for your Google Drive app


  • Name: Name of your Google Drive App, this is the name of the wall in your asset list. It will not be displayed on your screens.

  • Transition Effect: Transition effect between your images, videos in the folder.

  • Transition Speed: How fast you want your transitions to animate.

  • Duration for Image: How long each images should show on your screen, default is 10 seconds.

  • Max Video Duration: Default is 0, which means the app will play each video till the end. You can set it to some other values to prevent too long videos. For example if you set this value to 60 seconds. If a video is longer than 60s, it will get cut off at 60s to play next item. If a video is less than 60s, it will play the duration of the video.

Advanced option:


  • Force Sync Interval: By default, the system will force sync every 12 hours. The minute is 1 hour.

Click Save.
Depend on how many files you have in the folders, it make take a moment to sync to OptiSigns, as all the files will be synced, copied to our servers.

Files will be sorted and played by name. You can control the order of playback by changing the name of the files in your Google Drive.


That's all! Congratulation!

You have created your Google Drive app.
You can change the wall any time by click on it in the Files/Assets tab. 

You can assign the newly created wall to your screen by going to Screens, click Edit screens and assign the wall to screens that you want.

You can put the created social walls in a Playlist, Schedule too.


When files changes, add or removed from your Google Drive Folder, OptiSigns will automatically sync the changes. You can check when's the last time changed were made and what's the last file synced by opening the app modal again.

You can also force refresh, sync by clicking the Refresh Data button.




  • Only image and video files are supported. If there are other files in the folder, they will be ignored.
  • To ensure good performance of the app, max file size is limit at 100MB, and max number of files supported in folder is 200. If you have big video files, it's better to upload directly to OptiSigns; and if you have more than 200 files, you can split them up in multiple Google Drive folders.



If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.


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