Advanced Security: Folder Level Security

This feature only available on Pro or above plan.



Folder Security give OptiSigns Account Admins more options in controls and manage permissions for their users and contents.

Folder Security works on any folders you have in Screens, Files/Assets, Playlists or Schedule Tabs.

Once Folder Security is activated on your account. You can set Security for any Folders and restrict who can access them by clicking the ... button on the folder and click Change Permission.



Here's how it works in detail:

  • Security Permission can be set at any Folder: Screens, Files/Assets, Playlists or Schedule.
  • All Owners & Admins can see all folders, only Users are restricted.
  • If you have folders, content before activating Folder Security feature; right after the feature activated, all users still can see all folders. You can then tighten security by set security for folders you want to set. 
  • Security Permission cannot be set at asset level.
  • When create folder, there's an Advanced option to set security (select users that can access this new folder).
  • Default New Folder at Home/Root folder: all users can see. (You can change permission when create or any time after that).
  • Default New Folder at a sub folder: inherit from the parent. (You can change permission when create or any time after that).
  • For Users, there's a “Share with me” folder button that user can quickly access folders shared with them.
  • Playlist:
    • If a playlist has assets from multiple folders, and the user only has access to one of those folders. In this case, a user can only see part of the whole playlist, with assets/playlists that he can see. Total Duration will show the real total duration of the playlist (include items users cannot see)
      We display a warning for users to know that there are assets on the playlist that they do not have access to so they cannot see on the playlist: “There are items in this playlist that you do not have access to.”
  • Schedule:
    • If there are playlist, assets scheduled and users cannot see. The schedule show grey area (unavailable to be selected) section and display “not accessible items” instead of name of playlist or asset
    • There's a warning message: “There are items in this schedule that you do not have access to.”


IMPORTANT NOTE: Shared with me concept, if there's a folders shared with users, there will be "Shared with me" button in the corresponding Screens, Files/Assets, Playlist or Schedule tab. Users can click on this button to access the folders share with them.

This is particular useful if user got shared a folder that they do not have access to its parent folder.
For example: user given access to /Folder123/FolderABC, but not given access to /Folder123 itself.
User can still see FolderABC in their "Shared with me" section.

This is the same concept how popular cloud files like Google Drives works. 

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