Roku Release Notes & Limitation

Since Roku is a device designed for streaming, it's limited in processing power, storage and capability. This article describe the limitation in term of using the device for Digital Signage application.

1) OptiSigns App on Roku supports: 

  • Images, Videos, Documents
  • Canvas, Templates, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive apps
  • Playlist, Schedule
  • Portrait, Landscape mode, screen rotation

2) Not supported: (these are the limitation specific to Roku Platform)

  • All other apps such as Social Media, Youtube, News, Streaming videos, etc.
  • SplitScreen display.
  • Roku has small storage, be mindful of how much content you would like to cache on it

In summary, currently you can reliably use OptiSigns app on Roku to display images slide show, playlist.
If you need more features, please consider an Amazon Fire TV Stick, it is $39.99.

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