How to create and use Google Reviews Wall

If you are a business with a lot of reviews on Google Maps, or Google My Business, you can display these reviews on your big screen TVs to show case your business and also incentive, and make it easy for customers to post more reviews.

Customer can scan the QR code to be taken to write a new review on your business, or other actions such as open a website, send a SMS Text, follow your Instagram, etc. that you can customize.


This article will guide you through how to create and use Google Reviews app.

Below is an example screenshot of how it look on your screens, you can view a live example here:


Let's jump in and get started:

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Then log on to our portal:

Go to Files/Assets, Click on "App".


Click Google Review app:

Select one of these 2 options:
  • Public Place: you can enter any places, business on Google Maps. However, Google only allows to get last 5 reviews that Google deem to be useful.
  • To get your business place's reviews, choose Sign in with Google. It will confirm that you owns the place and there will be no limitation.

Enter your Google Review information:

  • Name: Name of your Google Reviews Wall, this is the name of the wall in your asset list. It will not be displayed on your screens.

  • Place: Type in to search Google Maps for your business. Then you can click to select it.

  • Rating: You can choose to only show 5 stars rating, 4+ stars, 3+, or Any Ratings.

  • Theme: Select Light or Dark Theme.
  • Speed: Select how fast you want the wall to scroll or switch between Google Reviews posts.

  • QR Code: Choose where you want to take your user then they scan the QR code, default action is to write a new review for your business. You can configure it to be anything, from opening your website to fill out orders, survey forms, etc. More information on how to create your own QR Code here.
Show nearby places option:
If you are a hotel, you can check this box so viewer can see what's around your hotel.
If you are a restaurants and don't want to show competitions around your area, you can leave the box unchecked.
Here's how it looks on the screens:

"Show nearby places" ON 

Notice the businesses, point of interests showed up on the maps

 "Show nearby places" OFF

Notice there's no other business showed up on the map.

mceclip3.png mceclip2.png
Click Save.
After Saving, you can Preview the wall. It may take several seconds for the app to fetch posts and prepare your wall, so please be patient.

That's all! Congratulation!

You have created your Google Review Wall.
You can change the wall any time by click on it in the Files/Assets tab. 

You can assign the newly created wall to your screen by going to Screens, click Edit screens and assign the wall to screens that you want.

You can put the created social walls in a Playlist, Schedule too.


If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.

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