Working with Teams and Security Levels

With OptiSigns, you can set up Teams, invite other users / account members and set security levels.
Team(like workspace) is built for segregation, all the resources (Screens, Assets, Users etc) in a team are segregated from other teams. Account owner will have access to all the teams, if you need to act as a global administrator and have access to all the teams, you can use the Super Admin role for that purpose.

This article will guide you through how to work with Teams, and set security for your account.

Quick start:

  • Teams: You can organize our account by Teams.
    • Each team can have multiple members, and their own screens, files, assets, etc. Other teams cannot see another team's data.
    • Admins can allocate # of screens quota to each team.
  • Team members:
    • Admins can invite users to be members of teams. Team members can work on team's screen, files, assets, etc.
    • One users can belong to more than 1 team, and can switch around to manage screens of the teams they are assigned to.
  • Security level: there are 2 security levels
    • Admin: can add, remove users to teams
    • User: can work on the team's screens, files, assets, etc. but cannot see subscription, billing information.

Next, we will guide you through details how to:

Create/Edit a team, assign quota, limit to the team:

Click on your name on top right for drop down menu, then click Account Members.
Then Click Add Team.


Give your team a Name, and allocate a number of screens you want the team to have.
It cannot exceed # of screens subscription you have available.
Then Click Add.


Notice the team is created.


You can edit the team any time by clicking the ... menu and select Update Team.
There you can change team's Name, # of screens allocation.



Invite members to teams

To invite members to teams, click Manage Members.


Then click Invite Member:


Enter email address and information about the team member you want to invite and click Invite.


Your team member will get an email with a link to sign up.
Once signed up, they will have access to the team immediately.


Notice the team name when user logged on.
If user belong to more than 1 team, they can drop down and select to switch and manage screens of another team.


Set/change member's security level

To change a member's security level/role, just click on the ... next to the member's name, and select change role.




Remove a member from a team

Removing a team member will remove the member from the team, the person can still be members of other team or can be invited to the team again. This is different than delete the team member, which will remove the user from all teams and completely delete from the system.

To remove a member from a team click on the ... next to the team member, and select Remove Member.


Delete a user

Delete a user will remove the user from all teams and completely delete from the system. This cannot be undone.

To delete a user, click on the ... button next to the user and select Delete User.


Switch between teams, for user belong to more than 1 team

If you belong to more than 1 team, you can switch between teams to manage screens for each team.
To do so, simply click on your name on the top right, then in the drop down click the team name to expand and select the team you want to switch to.







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