How to create a scrolling strip / bars

This article will guide you through how to create Scrolling Strip / Bar, that normally accompany a Split Screen design like below:


To achieve the screen layout like above, we first create a Split Screen layout.
Then create Scrolling Strip to assign to the bottom or top part of the split screen.

To create a Scrolling Strip, first click Files/Assets -> Apps -> Scrolling Strip


Enter a name, this name will be use in your Asset list.
Next select Type. It can be Weather, News, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds etc.


For Type = Text, enter your own text. Each item separated by a new line (Enter).


You can click Advanced and set:

  • Show date: Display data on your Scrolling Strip
  • Show time: Display time on your Scrolling Strip
  • Theme: Select Light or Dark Theme. You can also customize your background color if you select Custom.


  • Speed: Select how fast you want the wall to scroll or switch between news items. You can also customize your speed if you select Custom.


  • Spacing: Set how much space between each item.
  • Font Size: Set the font size for the Scrolling Strip app.

After Saved, the Scrolling Strip will appear in your Asset list.


You then can assign the scrolling strip to your split screen zone.
For your convenient, if you use one of our Split Screen Templates, we already label Zone name with "Scrolling Strip" and you just need to assign the newly create Scrolling Strip there.



If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket.

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