How to use Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard with OptiSigns

There are 2 ways you can publish your Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard to big screens TV with OptiSigns.

1) If you are OK to make your PowerBI dashboard public (people on the internet may be able to find it):

You can follow this guide here:

To publish your PowerBI dashboard then copy the link and paste it to OptiSigns PowerBI app.

2) If you have sensitive information, or don't want to publish the dashboard to the internet:

You can put the secured link to PowerBI (like you would share with another colleague via email), to OptiSigns' Power BI App.
When displayed on the screen, it will ask you to log in.
If you are using a Fire TV Stick, or Android Box to run OptiSigns, you will need to hook up a keyboard and mouse to enter the log on information, save it so it will not ask again in the future.
The dashboard now is displayed.
Next time when the app restart, it will remember the credentials.

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