How to use published Google Slides with OptiSigns (old way)

This method still works, but we have implemented new method to connect to your Google Slides.
Google Slides is a very popular ways to create and share your presentation. You can also use it on your Digital Signage screen. For more 5 creatives ideas on how to use Google Slides on Digital Signs, click here.

In this article we'll show you how to use Google Slides on OptiSigns. Here are the high level steps:

  1. Create and prepare your Google slides
  2. Add Google Slide App on OptiSigns
  3. Assign it to your screens

If this is the first time you use OptiSigns, you can read here to get set up.

Otherwise, let's dive in.

1) Create and prepare your Google Slides

Open your Google Slides presentation or create new a new presentation that you like.

If you need help in using Google Slides, click here.


Once you are done with creating the slides.

Click File->Publish to web


Pick the duration you want for "Auto-advance slides".

Check "Start slideshow as soon as player loads.

Check "Restart the slideshow after the last slide".

Then Click "Publish"


Click OK to confirm that you want to publish


You will get a link like below. Copy that link to clipboard. We will use it in OptiSigns Digital Signage.


If you make changes to the slides, you don't have to regenerate the link again.

2) Add Google Slide App on OptiSigns

Go to our portal:

Click File/Asset


Click App:


Click Google Slides:


Give it a name for you to remember, you can use the same Google's slide's name. In this case we put "Google Slide Presentation for Lobby TV"

Paste the URL you got from previous Step here.


The Update Interval default is 10 minutes.

This mean the app will refresh the link every 10 mins for any changes in your presentation.

If you have a lot of slides, you may want to change this interval to something longer.

Click Save

You will see your Google Slides Presentation is added.


3) Assign it to your screens

Now go back to Screen tab.


Click Edit on the screen you want to display the slides on.


In the Type drop-down click "Assets":


Select the Google Slides App asset you just created.


Click Save


That's it! Your Google Slides is now playing on your screen.

If you make changes to the slides, and save them, the screen will updated every "Update Interval".


If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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