Display PowerPoint/Google Slides in whole screen when casting from MacBook Pro

In this article, we will show you if you try to present your MacBook Pro to AeriCast Add-on app via OptiSigns app. There is an extra black space on your screen. It is because the MacBook Pro is 16:10 in resolution. Most TV screens are 16:9.


Here is the suggestion:

1. Upload the PowerPoint file to Microsoft 365 or Google Slides. Open the file in Microsoft365/Google Slides in the web browser. Go to https://present.aericast.com and present the specific browser "tab" of the M 365/Google Slides page, instead of the whole screen. Then resize the browser window to fit the presentation slide content, assuming it's 16:9 based. This will cast the presentation to the entire TV screen without additional blank spaces.

Here is a how-to video: Link


2. Change MacBook Pro's resolution to a 16:9 based resolution during the presentation, but this may require a 3rd party app to do so. => This is Apple's limitation.

Here is a how-to article: Link


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