How to use Web Scripting App

Web Scripting is an Pro Plus or Enterprise feature allows you to automatically navigate around and enter fields on website.
No coding required! All actions can be recorded via a tool.

This is particularly useful for these scenarios:

  • Enter username/password to log in a website
  • Navigate to a certain page, position of the page after logged in
  • Close popup, warning bars, etc. if exist on a page
  • Run you own JavaScript and more on a website

This feature is only available on Pro Plus plan.

How does it work:

  1. Record your script
  2. Create Web Scripting asset in OptiSigns
  3. Use it on your Screens

OptiSigns encrypt all the scripts and your password entered with our own private keys.
This will ensure your data/password is safe as soon as it left your browsers and only get decrypted at device level before the fields are entered.

We also provide Zero Knowledge encryption method so that you can protect your script with your own Master Password. You can read more at the end of this article.

If your dashboard requires login with the 2FA, OptiSigns supports the 2FA in the Web Scripting app. You can read more here.

Let's jump in and get started!

1. Record your script:

In this article we will show you how to use a tool called Burp Suite Navigation Recorder. You can use other tools if that can generate similar scripts that works too. We recommend Burp Suite because it's is a reputable tool used by many companies include Fortune 500.

First you need to install Burp Suite Navigation Recorder.

Open Chrome Browser.

Go to Chrome Web Store:

Search for: "Burp Suite Navigation Recorder"


Click on it.

Then click Add to Chrome:


Burp Suite Navigation Recorder is installed


Click on the Navigation Recorder Icon

Then click Open Settings to finish set up.


Scroll down and click "Allow in Incognito" 


Close this tab.

Now if you click on the Navigation Recorder icon again, you will have option to Start Recording.


Record your Script:

From the Navigation Recorder extension pop out like in above screenshot, click Start Recording.

It will open an Chrome Incognito window.
You can put in the URL of the website you want to start with.
Then fill out the forms (like enter your username, password and click Login)


  • Always click Login button instead of hit Enter.
  • Try to enter your fields in 1 shot, don't use backspaces, arrows keys to modify.

This will help to reduce issues later.


You can click around, navigate to certain page, position on page etc.

Once you are done click on the Navigation Recorder extension icon and click Stop Recording.

This will close the Incognito window that you are working on.



Go back to Chrome, click Navigation Recorder icon.
Click "Copy to Clipboard". This will copy your script to clipboard.
Now you are ready to put in use in OptiSigns.



2. Create assets in OptiSigns

Log in to OptiSigns

Click File/Assets

Click Apps and select Web Scripting



Enter information for your Web Scripting asset


  • Name: Name of your asset your asset list. It will not be displayed on your screens.
  • Master Password: By default, OptiSigns will encrypt the whole script with OptiSigns private key to protect your script, especially username, password in the script. You can add another protection layer by entering a Master Password. If you enter Master Password here, at each device, you will need to enter that Master Password one time in OptiSigns app so it can decrypt the content. 
  • Recorded Script: Paste the script recorded by the Navigation Recorder here. You can take notice to the script, it's actually not very complicated, you can make some minor changes if you need to.

Here's how the encryption flow works:


If you want to add additional security by utilizing a Master Password and our Zero Knowledge Encryption framework you will have to enter your Master Password when:

1) Creating/editing assets

2) One time at each devices, so it will know how to decrypt

Your script is encrypted at your browser, and transfer securely using HTTPS/SSL during transits and stored on our servers.
It then sent securely to devices, and decrypted at device level right before executing on the target website.


3. Using Web Scripting Assets on your screens.

Once created, Web Scripting asset can be used in Playlists, Schedule, SplitScreen zones just like any other assets.

If you don't use Master Password, device will use OptiSigns private key to decrypt and execute, so no additional action needed on the devices.

If you choose to use Master Password and our Zero Knowledge Encryption framework you will have to enter your Master Password at each device (this only need to be done once on each device and can be used to decrypt all Scripting Assets (of course, you have to use the same Master Password to encrypt them).


That's all!

Congratulation, you have created Web Scripting assets, now you can automatically log in to gated websites, navigate to pages as needed.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.



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