How to lock objects or part of the Designer Templates (lockable template)

Ever had to make a quick change on your template but accidentally move other objects that did not have to be moved and causes you to fix everything or undo it?

Or you have requirement that normal users can only edit certain part of the design (i.e. pricing portion, or promo picture portion)


In OptiSigns Designer, you can use "Lock tool" you can lock objects, which stops users from editing, moving, change scaling, and rotating objects.

If you need a refresher on Designer, you can learn to read this article here.



Only the Owner or Admin can Lock/Unlock objects (by clicking on Lock/Unlock button)

Other roles do not support Lock/Unlock objects, they can see but can't click the Unlock button.



  • Locked objects will show a lock icon at the bottom right.


  • When selecting multiple objects (To select Multiple Objects Hold Shift + Left Click):
    - Selected objects do not have any locked objects, then click the Lock button, and all selected objects would be locked.
    - Selected objects have one or more locked objects, and all selected objects cannot be moved, scaled, or rotated. When clicking the Unlock button, the locked objects will be unlocked.

That's it,

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at or just submit a ticket here.

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