What is the OptiSigns Managed Device?

What is OptiSigns Managed Device Program?

This program will significantly reduce your time in managing, troubleshooting hardware, devices issues, so you can focus on managing contents on your screens and maximizing value of your screens instead of worrying about hardware, devices. Highlights of the program:

  • Customer pay $99.99 for OptiSigns Managed Android Player device (1 time) and $15/mo on going for Pro Plus Plan
  • OptiSigns will provide device hardware guarantee & remote support to user
  • OptiSigns will have remote access to the device where we can remote login, debug, push updates  to troubleshoot, fix issues and support user
  • User responsible for making sure device is connected to internet
  • If for some reason device cannot be fixed (power adapter blow out, hardware malfunction, other OS software issues, etc.) we will send replacement to users (Users are responsible for shipping cost outside of US)

Here's how the device look, for more details specs please click here.



Who is this program for?

We only recommend this program for customer who have 10 screens or more who can be benefited from reduced time in managing, troubleshooting devices.


Who this program is not for:

Customer with small number of screens and/or prefer to manage devices, hardware deployment, maintenance themselves.

Customer who do not want OptiSigns to have remote access to their devices network.


How does device replacement program work?

- In case of hardware malfunction i.e. device cannot boot up, customer will perform basic troubleshooting steps including: plug device in a different TV monitor, try different power adapter before requesting replacement
- In case of software malfunction i.e. device boot up, connected to internet and app does not work as expected, customer will open support ticket for OptiSigns support team to remotely troubleshoot device before requesting replacement
- If customer requests replacement by sending email to support@optisigns.com with details of customer accounts info, Name of device that has issues, and request to replace. OptiSigns will create a coupon for customer to re-order (because customer need to enter shipping address, Wi-Fi info, etc.) and the customer is responsible for sending defective unit back to OptiSigns within 30 days.
- Defective unit will be tested by OptiSigns, and if it deem to be functioning normally, OptiSigns will send the user an email with pictures documenting the device testing and charge the customer $100 for the cost of device and testing, restocking services.
How to set up OptiSigns Managed Device?
Set up once you received the device is the same as normal OptiSigns' Android player. For detail steps, click here.
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