OptiSigns AI Add-on - FAQs

What is OptiSigns AI Add-on?

OptiSigns AI Add-on that allow you to use any camera, plug into the device playing OptiSigns Digital Signage player to:

  1. Detect, Collect data about passing by foot traffic to analyze impressions and exposure of your Digital Sign
  2. Responsively display different content based on demographic of viewers standing in front of your screens.

How can I use it?

You can follow the quick start guide here.


What can OptiSigns AI Detect?

OptiSigns AI can detect:

  • Person
  • Face
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: Child, Young Adult, Adult, Senior Adult (future feature)

What data OptiSigns collect? Is it GDPR Compliant?

OptiSigns use facial detection (not recognition) technology, and only collect anonymous data:

  • Is a Person detected
  • Is a Face detected
  • Is person gender Male or Female
  • What age group is this person belong to: Child, Young Adult, Adult, Senior Adult

This data in anonymous and not personal identifiable.
All image are processed locally on devices, on the fly.
OptiSigns does not store images or facial id on our servers.
Images are also not stored locally on devices.

Customer can store images, face id, however, this feature will need to be activate separately, and customer will be required to stay in compliance with local law & regulation.


How accurate is the detection?

OptiSigns AI is optimized for real time detection performance, not accuracy.
In general, you can expect 80+% accuracy in detection.


What is required to run OptiSigns AI Add-on? 

You will need:

  • Subscribe to AI Add-on subscription package
  • Windows, Linux device
  • A Camera connected to your device (any USB Camera like Logitech C270 would work)
  • Set up: OptiSigns Digital Signage Player on the device
  • Set up: OptiSigns AI Detection add-on on the device

Minimum System Requirement:

CPU: Intel Core i3 - 2Ghz
Windows 10 or major distribution Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu

Recommended System Requirement:

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 2.1Ghz
Windows 10 or major distribution Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu


How much does OptiSigns AI Add-on cost:

$5/device/month/ or $54/device/year


Do I have to pay for OptiSigns AI Add-on for all of my screens?

No, you can have for example 20 screens and only 5 using OptiSigns AI Add-on and only pay for 5*$5 = $25/month extra.

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