AI Add-on App - Quick Start

OptiSigns AI Add-on that allow you to use any camera, plug into the device playing OptiSigns Digital Signage player to:

  1. Detect, Collect data about passing by foot traffic to analyze impressions and exposure of your Digital Sign
  2. Responsively display different content based on demographic of viewers standing in front of your screens.

OptiSigns AI Add-on only supports Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi devices.


Quick start guide to use OptiSigns AI Add-on:

In this guide we will:

  1. Set up the player to play a playlist.
  2. Set up AI Add-on so that when a Male person detected, it will show a Suit Sales, when Female person detect it will show a Yoga wear sales.
  3. Review the data the app collect for you in portal's reporting page.


From there you can modify the set up to fit your need.

1. Preparation:

If you haven't paired a device yet, follow this guide for Windows, or this guide for Linux  or Raspberry Pi to install and run OptiSigns Digital Signage Player first.

Activate AI Add-on on your account: (You can try for free for 30 days on 2 devices)

Go to Subscription page, click Start Trial AI Add-on


Get a USB Camera and plug in to your device:

We recommend the Logitech Webcams like the C270.

If you need device + camera, you can buy our complete package Raspberry Pi and AI Camera.

If you are running on your Windows Laptop, you can use the built in camera, no additional camera needed.


For demo purpose, after activate the AI Add-on Trial:

  • "AI Add-on Demo" Folder is created in your Asset library with AI Add-on Demo assets
  • A Playlist called "AI Add-on Demo - Standard Content" is also created

2. Review & configure AI Add-on asset: 

Go to Files/Assets -> "AI Add-on Demo" Folder

Click open "AI Add-on Demo" Asset.


You can see how the asset is set up:

  • Play for at least: when detected, the app will play the content corresponding to detection rule for at least X seconds. (Default is 3s)
  • Rest for: when the person is no longer there, the device will resume playing the content assigned to it for at least X seconds (Default is 3s) 

We recommend to keep Play for at least and Rest for at 3s, to give smooth feeling experience when in crowded place like mall, airport with many people walking by very quickly.

  • Play rules: set content you want to play corresponding to detection result: i.e. if Male detected during certain time of day, then display some specific content. 

3. Assign a Playlist and AI Add-on app to your device: 

After that, go to Screen Management, click Edit the screen you want to add this Add-on to.
Click Advanced -> AI Add-on Activate.

You should also select the standard Playlist, in this case we use the "AI Add-on Demo - Standard Content" Playlist that was automatically added to your account.


After Activated, you can select the AI Add-on app to apply playback rules when the camera detects people. In this case, we are using the "AI Add-on Demo" asset already automatically added to your account.


If you want device to send data for Analytics purpose, please leave that box checked as well.
You can learn more about what data we collect here.


4. Set up camera & app on your device

If you are using Linux, Raspberry Pi, AI add on will be automatically install when you click AI Add-on Activate in the step above. You may need to restart your device (especially if you forgot to plugin USB Camera before click AI Add on active).
If you need instruction on how to manually activate, run AI Add on for Linux, you can follow this guide.


If you are using Windows just download & run optisigns-ai-detection.exe.
If you want OptiSigns AI Detection to run on system start up just follow these steps here.

The app will log events it detected like below.


That's all!

That's all, once opitsigns-ai-detection is running, you will see it's using camera, and start detecting and send event to OptiSigns Player to change content as appropriate. In this case, if a Male person is in front of camera, the Suit Sales ad will show. If Female person is in front of the camera, the Yoga ad will show.


If you leave "Send AI data" on, you can view analytics report here:



If you have questions or need help using this feature, please reach out to us at

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