Force show subtitle/closed caption for YouTube videos

Showing subtitle/closed caption (CC) on videos on digital signs is a common request, as the screens may be placed in places with lots of noise or office settings that would make video sounds distracting to other.

With OptiSigns you can force closed caption to be shown when YouTube videos are played.

The key steps are:

  1. Youtube video must have an uploaded captions (not the auto generated one). You can read below to see how to quickly convert an auto generated closed caption to an uploaded one.
  2. Add "yt:cc=on" tag to the video.

Let's go through the details.

1) Create a subtitle for your video:

Go to
Open the video you want to edit.
Then click Transcription, from the Auto Generated caption, click ... button and select "Edit on Classic Studio"


Click Edit


Review your subtitle and click Publish edits.


That's it, now your video has a closed caption.

2) Add "yt:cc=on" tag to the video.

Go to video's details.

In the Tags section, add: "yt:cc=on"


That's it, now your video will be played with closed caption auto on.

If you have trouble playing the YouTube video with OptiSigns.
You can try to update your YouTube link to this format:


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