OptiSigns is designed to be a simple, powerful software that enables you to manage all your screens remotely from a central dashboard portal.

Our goal is to make setting up and putting beautiful content to your digital signs a simple, easy and enjoyable experience.

High level features we support:

  • Wide range of image, video, document file types. More details here.

  • Integration with more than 120 Apps such as Social media walls, news, traffic, data analysis tools, AeriCast. More details here.

  • Playlist: combines images, videos, and apps in one playlist playing on rotate.

  • Schedule your content: you can schedule your content to be played at different times of days, weeks.

  • Multiple orientation: display your content in portrait & landscape mode.

  • Split screen layout: Display multiple content simultaneously, enhancing the versatility and impact of your digital signage.

  • Multi-users Permissions: Empower your team and streamline collaboration with customized roles and approval workflows. More details here.

  • Work offline: we download content to your devices to ensure smooth performance even with intermittent internet connection. More details here.

  • Auto Restart: Ensure stability and reliability by scheduling a daily auto restart for your screens.

  • Online Editor: Seamlessly create and manage your content within the OptiSigns Management Portal without switching among applications.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Access real-time insights, schedule reports, analyze in detail, and export data for decision-making.

  • Kiosk Mode: engage your audience with interactive touch screens with digital signage.

  • Connect Sensors and Use AI: Sensor IoT to detect events based on preset rules, while AI provides valuable insights into your audience's demographic, empowering you with actionable information.

  • Templates: Transform thousands of our templates into your own unique designs using our intuitive Designer app.

  • Hardware Agnostic: Choose from a wide range of hardware and operating systems: use your existing screen or get a new one to meet your needs.

  • Data mapping: Effortlessly scale your content, ensuring consistent updates of your data across multiple locations within a click.

  • QR code: A great call-to-action function to engage your customers. you can create your QR code for different types of actions: Open Website URL, call phone number, open/download an application and more.

  • Remote management: Change your content from anywhere without travelling to your device's location in person.
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