What if I want to increase, decrease number of screens during the month?

Our system will prorate the usage and automatically adjust your next bill with the correct amount.

For example:

If you subscribed to 2 screens on Jan 10th, then on Jan 20th, add 1 more screen.
On Feb 10th, you will get billed for:

  • $10 x 3 screens for Feb 10th - Mar 10th
  • $6.66 for 1 screen for Jan 20th - Mar 10 (prorated part)

Totaled: $36.66 on Mar 10th.
After that, every month on the 10th, you will be billed $30.

Same logic if you decrease the number of subscriptions, the system will automatically calculate and give you credit to the next bill for the unused portion of the canceled screens for the month.

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