How to pause subscription - Seasonal Use Case

With OptiSigns if you are paying via credit card you always have the ability to decrease or increase your subscription, especially for seasonal use case subscribers.

Use case: You are a seasonal user, and you want to pause the subscription. You may only be utilizing OptiSigns for several days for your event and no longer use it until the next event occurs which will be in several months.

Our "Onhold" folder reduces the number of used screen licenses that are being used. This allows you to have new screens added without buying a new screen license. This also allows you to cancel your subscription without having to remove your screens from your OptiSigns account.


1) To move a screen to OnHold just click the ... button on the screen in the Screens tab.

Then select Move to OnHold Device.


A new folder called "Onhold Device" will be created and your device will be moved in there.

  • Devices in OnHold screen cannot have content assigned to it, it will just display "Paired" on the screen.
  • OnHold screens also do not take up subscription slots, so you can reduce them or reuse them for another screen.



2) When you want to use the screen again, you can move it out of OnHold to another Folder



3) If this is a seasonal use case and the main goal for using our "Onhold" folder is to not be billed when your screens are not in use. You MUST remember to also remove the licenses under your OptiSigns account.

On the top right-hand side click on your username (Default), Subscription plan, and Update subscription.

This will display your account subscription details. 


4) To remove the licenses from your account;

You will want to click on the "-" icon to reduce your subscriptions and "next" to cancel your account.


This will officially cancel your subscription, however, you will always have the ability to reactivate your account!


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