OptiSigns Pre-Configured Android Device

You've just received your OptiSigns Pre-Configure Android Stick Device?

Here's a quickstart guide to get it set up.

1) Connect cables & power:

Please use the cables & adapter come with the box to minimize issues

After connecting all cables and plug in power, the device will take a moment for first boot.
If you have entered your WiFi information when you ordered your device, you can skip to step 3 and start assigning content.

2) (Optional) Connect to your network:

If you have entered WiFi info when ordering the device, you can skip this step)

If you see the below message: "Internet connection required for first time" you will need to connect the device to your network.


To configure your WiFi now, press the back button on the remote until you get to the home page(hold the back button for 3 seconds will get to home page directly). Then click the Setting button on the home page, a side menu will open to allow you to configure WiFi.


In the Network & Internet, select your WiFi network, and then enter your WiFi password. Now you will be connected to Internet. 



If you order un-provisioned device (the device will not be automatically provisioned to your account because you order as guest, or you just chose to order un-provisioned device).
The device will generate a Pairing code, like below, and you can log in to https://app.optisigns.com click Add Screen to Pair the device. For more detail refer to this article.


3) Assign content to your device:

Your pre-configured device will be in "Ordered Devices" folder of your screens management page.



To assign content Click Edit


Click the Type drop down list and select Playlist & Select the Playlist you want to use. If you haven't create a playlist yet, you can use the Simple Playlist that was automatically created with your account.


Click Save


That's all! Congratulation, you have set up your Pre-configured Android Stick Device.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us at support@optisigns.com 


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  • Maybe you can include information on how to connect to the WIFI. The screens you show are not what is displayed when connecting through the player.


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