Putting a screen OnHold (temporarily reduce used subscription)

If you are trying to add screens temporarily but don't want to increase subscription (maybe you are moving, or you have a special event). You can put other screens that are not in use to "onhold" folder and reduce the number of used subscriptions so you can have the new screens added without adding new subscription. Generally, all screens in OnHold folder will not be counted as a used subscription, so when you move screens to OnHold folder, it will free up the subscriptions and you can allocate the freed up subscriptions for other purposes. 


To move a screen to OnHold just click the ... button of the screen in Screen tab.

Then select Move to OnHold Device.


A new folder called "Onhold Device" will be created and your device will be moved in there.

Devices in OnHold screen cannot have content assigned to it, it just display "Paired" on the screen.

OnHold screens also do not take up subscription slots, so you can reduce it or re-use for another screen.



When you want to use the screen again, you can move it out of OnHold to another Folder



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