Push Contents to your Screens

Beside simply click Edit in your Screen Management page to assign content to your screens.



"Push to Screens" context buttons can be used to:

  • Push Contents to your screens as soon as you finish creating/editing your: Assets, Playlist, Schedule, SplitScreen or using Designer
  • Schedule when you want the changes to take effect or just temporarily take over the screens.


  • Target: you can select
    • Screens: then select the screen or screens you want to target (the above example we are pushing to 3 screens name "Lobby Screen", "Hallway 1" and "Entrance room 01").
    • Tags: if you have tags your screens (i.e. "marketing" or "building 1") you can select those tags and all the screens with those tags will be targeted.
  • Assign to screen: assign this content to the screen, the screen(s_ will play this content until something else is assigned to it.
  • Schedule go-live time: Set a time when you want the screens to start playing this content. The screen(s) will play this content from this time onward.
  • Temporarily take over the screens: Now or later, temporarily take over the screen(s) with this content for a period of time, then revert to playing what was assigned to them before.

You can find the "Push to Screens" button

Files/Assets management page:






In SplitScreens app


In Designer



Cancel a scheduled Push to Screens:

When a screen has a scheduled content to go live, you can see it in the Screens Management page.


You can click Edit screens and cancel the schedule if you want to.



If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team atsupport@optisigns.com or just submit a ticket here.

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